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VCSTA Mandate

VCSTA Membership

Electronic Forms

The Membership Renewal Form is available for download at the bottom of this page.  Please download it and fill it out.

Your school's VCSTA Representative will enter the school name at the top in the space provided and submit all of your school’s information on the one file by emailing it as an attachment to the VCSTA Executives.  If members of your staff have chosen to use cheques, please print off a copy of the spreadsheet after emailing it, and submit it with your cheques when you come to the next VCSTA Rep Meeting.


Help Us Cut Bank Fees

Consolidate your cheques into a single cheque. We are charged $1 per item deposited after 50 items.  That means when we deposit 300 cheques in a single month we get charged, you guessed it, $250.  And if we have about 550 members, we get charged between $300-$400 in bank fees for deposits on cheques alone.  If each school did a single cheque we could deposit them all in a single month and it wouldn’t cost us a dime.  Help us cut down on fees and consolidate your cheques.  Better yet, have your school book keeper, deduct the fee from everyone’s paycheque, have it entered as professional dues on your T4 and send us one cheque.

New Members or New School

If you have new members at your school, could you please indicate it in the payment column.  For example say “cheque (NEW)”.  This way I will know that this person is not in our data base.  If the person is in a new school could you indicate it by putting it next to their name.  For example, in the Last name column, put “Santiago (New School)”.  This would be a huge help to me as we update out files.


Our preference is a single cheque from your school, but you can also log in to your online banking account, click on the "e-Transfer" link or button and send your $75 membership fee to  In the message field, please include your full name and the name of your school.


If you have a question about the membership renewal/joining process, please write your question along with your name, email and school name, and we will do our best to get back to you within the next 3-4 school days.

Downloadable Forms


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